Lauren's Influence
an introductory session

Lauren was the first friend I knew that practiced babywearing on a consistent level. She would babywear to go for walks, to accomplish household chores, to run errands, to help calm her baby, and for snuggles. When I had my child, she was the person I turned to when I wanted advice about my first carrier. She was warm and loving, and conveyed her understanding of the freedom and love that babywearing fostered.

In this private, in-home consult, I will show you the basic principles of babywearing. Namely, we will cover safe positioning for baby; the effects of babywearing on the child and the person wearing the child; and babywearing resources in the Edmonton area.

This package is customisable according to your familiarity with babywearing. The session can be spent going over the different types of carriers to determine which one(s) would best suit your family's needs. Alternatively, the session can focus on a single type of carrier and a more in-depth introduction can be done. 

I will come to your home with my supply of baby carriers (listed in the Teaching Library section) but if you own any carriers already, we will include those in the session.


Carrier Types
Stretchy Wrap
Buckle Carrier
Ring Sling
Mei Tai
Woven Wrap



Day time: Tuesday, Thursday
Evenings and Weekends