What Can Businesses Do To Help?

You might have just started your own business or have a well-established brand, but either way, this campaign could use your help. Here’s how:

1) Share the campaign on Facebook

  • Share a link to the website or an update from the campaign page on your business’s public page.
  • Add the campaign face or hashtag to your page’s profile picture or banner. The profile pictures and hashtag banners on the website have no background so they can easily be downloaded and added in the corner of your page’s existing profile picture or banner. You are also welcome to change your profile picture or banner to only be that of the campaign.
  • Use the hashtag at the end of posts even if they aren’t specifically about the campaign.
  •  If you have input in your brand’s chatter groups, the same suggestions can also be applied to them.


2) Share it on Instagram/Twitter/other social media outlets

  • The campaign hashtag cannot be over utilized here. People tend to search using hashtags more on mediums such as Instagram and Twitter so that is one of the main ways to connect people to this cause. Use it often!!
  • The campaign profile pictures are the perfect size for Instagram, so it’s very easy to post! Plus it is graphic so it really stands out in your audience’s feed.
  • In addition to the hashtag, you can include the website address (www.portagebabywearing.com) or a brief description (Postpartum mood disorders are very common amongst parents and the No Flaws, Only Human campaign helps to bring awareness and help through the babywearing community.) to the campaign photo.
  • Check out other people’s posts using the hashtag and like them/comment to drive people to your own feed.


3) Share your own story

  • If you or someone at your company has suffered from a postpartum mood disorder and are able to share a story along with the connection to your company, it will show others that no one is immune to these battles.
  • Submit your story by email or through the website to have it published on the main campaign page, but you can also share short stories through your social media and link up using the hashtag.