What Can You Do To Help?

Here are a few ways that you can support No Flaws, Only Human.

1) Send in your story. 
Stories are able to be added throughout the campaign, so feel free to send yours in at any time during the week. It can be short or long (though we may have to edit it to fit on the site page) and includes as much information as you'd like. The only things that need to be included are a first name and a country. If you do not want your first name to appear, you can include a note and we will change it. Please note that your email will NOT be shared publicly.
Stories can be sent directly to portage.babywearing@gmail.com or through the website at http://www.portagebabywearing.com.

2) Spread the word. 
This can be done by changing your profile picture, spamming a babywearing/parent group on Facebook (be sure to run it past an admin if there are spam rules), by using the hashtag on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and by talking about it with friends. Talking about it with anyone you know is great, but especially if you know someone with a wide-reaching audience, encouraging them to participate could give a major boost to the efforts. The more people know about the campaign, the more effective it will be in its goal of making sure people do not feel alone. #noflawsonlyhuman 

3) Encourage others.
If you know someone is sharing their story (with the campaign or not), tell them how helpful they are being by trying to break the stigma around mental illness. If someone has changed their profile pic or cover photo, like it, or even better, comment thanking them for doing so. If you notice a company endorse the campaign, liking their page and liking the post will signal to them that this campaign benefits in every way, including business.

4) Like the page. 
I will continue to do regular updates on the Portage Babywearing page but I felt it important to have an official page in case people try to run a search for the campaign HQ. http://www.Facebook.com/noflawsonlyhuman

Thank you for asking how you can help and for reading through this. As always, any questions can be sent to me via Facebook pages (Portage Babywearing or No Flaws Only Human), on Instagram (@portage_yeg) or through e-mail (portage.babywearing@gmail.com).