Portage Babywearing Services owns a supply of babywearing carriers that are available for use during sessions. Wherever possible, your own carriers will be used to allow for tailored advice according to the most realistic scenario. In addition to Bebe the Baby and Chester the Child (both demo dolls), the stash includes the following carriers:

Buckle Carriers

Meh Dai / Bei Dai

  • Infantino, standard size
  • BabyHawk Meh Dai, standard size

Stretchy Wraps

Ring Slings

Woven Wraps

Emeibaby Full Buckle Carrier - Standard/Infant size

Weft coast After the Storm with Meta hybrid Shoulder - 100% cotton

Fireweed Baby night star ring sling with pleated shoulder - 100% cotton

size 4 - woven wings Blossom Geo - 27% Merino, 73/% Egyptian  

Size 5 - Girasol Enfys with Columbia WefT - 100% Cotton