Julia's Zeal
Back Carrying Basics

Julia expanded my notion of babywearing. I only knew of a few different types of carriers and I hadn't realized that babywearing practices varied so widely. When I saw Julia transfer her son off her back in a woven wrap, she left an indelible impression on me. After I became comfortable babywearing and had mastered my front carrying technique, I became more adventurous; I wanted to wear my child on my back, just as I had seen Julia do months before. 

In this private, in-home consult, we will work on back carrying in one of your carriers. We will confirm abilities in front carries; reinforce the principles of safe babywearing; and discuss the considerations and adjustments that need to be made when back carrying. If we are using a woven wrap, you will learn how to do a ruck. This underestimated carry, when done well, provides excellent support for all ages and teaches the importance of technique when back wrapping.

I will bring my supply of baby carriers (listed in the Teaching Library section) with me but we will primarily use your carrier(s) to practice. The session will begin by assessing front carrying abilities in any carriers you want to use for back carries.


Carrier Types
Buckle Carrier
Mei Tai
Woven Wrap
Hybrid Stretch Wrap

60-90 minutes


Day time: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday