Kokoro Bad Koneko Review


I was lucky enough win a draw in Kokoro's Facebook fan group to host Bad Koneko just before Kokoro released it. I was so excited to try my first Kokoro, not only because of the brand's popularity, but because one half of the duo who owns the company is Canadian! And I love to support the Canadian babywearing industry!

Sometimes, after becoming a parent (once again), we are so preoccupied with living in our new bodies, exhaustion, clothing we can use for breastfeeding/spit up/playtime, and "returning" to how we felt before we had out latest child, that we don't focus much on personal style development. It took me two years before I decided to make a serious shift in my wardrobe... and by serious shift I mean I bought a hat, started wearing lipstick all the time, and bought an entirely new outfit that I was entirely pleased with. This is not to say they are not happy with themselves or the way they look, but that they don't feel that same pull towards apparel. I believe a person's drive to not only reclaim personal style but to justify it, is why so many are drawn to attractive baby carriers. They are functional, beautiful and even saviours of sanity. But not everyone finds a style that really speaks to them and reignites their desire to develop a personal style. Kokoro is a brand that acts as a flint or fan to many self-neglecting parents who reignite their personal style. I am happy to admit that even my fall lipstick colour was inspired by Kokoro fans in the Facebook fan group. When I put it on, Bad Koneko made me feel like I was once again, upping my personal style. 

I am absolutly attracted to achromatic wraps. I admit that I am drawn to them more than any other wrap but in my mind, Bad Koneko had 2 features that would help me to resist affection: 1) it has cats all over it and - to put it mildly - I am not a cat person, and 2) its stripes are a bold style that I had never even come close to sporting. Plus, mch to my chagrin, I am not a "cool kid". I am many things but a cool kid is not one of them. And I thought I might look out of place wearing this as it struck me as something only the most admirable of cool people might wear. On the contrary, I felt transformed.

You know the old saying "fake it 'til you make it"? I thought that's what I would have to do when I put this on but for whatever reason, I felt like this wrap that was totally outside of my style wheelhouse actually just brought out a quirky side of me that I rarely show. The wrap was fun but stylish. Yes, the cats are a little quirky and the stripes are bold but it puts a mature spin on novelty. The cats are not something you will see on children's wallpaper or bed spreads. No, these kitties have a style that can appeal to those who love and dislike cats and anyone in between.

I decided to bring this wrap to one of the coolest places, my city's science centre. It was then that I was convinced this wrap iss more than just good looks. It has substance. First, Bad Koneko does not require a PhD in wrapping. It is a simple smooth texture with a solid weave that makes it easy to wrap in both single and multi-layer carries. The tight weave means that it is unlikely to snag and it is totally machine washable. Kokoro also snuck in a great little detail! One rail (or hem) of the wrap has added stripes on it but the other side doesnt. This means you can keep track of what side of the wrap you're grabbing! If you'd like to see what those stripes look like, check out the picture at the very top of this post (or the first photo in the column beside this paragraph). I love when companies add little details like that. You don't need a rainbow striped wrap to learn to wrap but sneaky little details like this are helpful secrets for any owner, especially a newbie!

Another helpful attribute of this wrap is how well it pleats. Obviously any wrap that is sufficiently wide to hold a child in a ruck, cannot sit flat on my shoulder. It needs to be narrowed. I sandwich the rails when I do a ruck but even when you narrow the wrap by half, it needs to do more folding unto itself to fit comfortably on a shoulder. Some wraps do this better than others and this wrap is a dream to fit on your shoulders. It folds so nicely that it is similar to the strap on a bag. It really just wears that nicely!! 

I brought Bad Koneko to a babywearing meet up we held in Edmonton for the high end community. I can honestly say that in the sea of wraps (literally numbering in the hundreds), Bad Koneko stood out like the nonconformist that it is. It was even easily dinstinguished from its close cousin, Luna + Artemis Koneko. This is a year-round uncomplicated beauty that is unmistakable in style that might even convince a cat-hating, lackluster dresser to be bold and have fun in an effortless way. 

Bad Koneko joined a high end babywearing meet up in Edmonton.

Bad Koneko joined a high end babywearing meet up in Edmonton.

How can you get your hands on a Kokoro?

Unfortunately, Bad Koneko has already been released, meaning that you will probably only find it on the secondhand market. For new releases from Kokoro, they announce via their Facebook Page or Instagram Account and release through their Website.

I was not paid or compensated in any way to host this wrap or write a review of Bad Koneko.

Brittney Pederson is a babywearing educator in Edmonton, Alberta. She does individual and group consults to help others learn how to use baby carriers, helps to develop baby carrier-friendly workouts, and plans the Canadian Babywearing Summit.