Two Sparrows Wovens

Previously known as Two Sparrows Handwoven, Two Sparrows Wovens have begun releasing machine woven wraps. Machine woven wraps and handwoven wraps are completely different so when a handwoven company decides to make their way into machine wovens, it's nearly like a company starting from scratch. I was really grateful to get the chance to try out Rhythm Poison, a rich wrap with lots of great features! Each wrap has unique qualities but to me, there were 2 things that stood out in this wrap: first was the retro-modern style and second was the texture.

From what I've seen of the designs they've shown so far, Two Sparrows machine woven designs have an aesthetic that give a modern nod to the past! (You can see their Starburst Mint wrap here.) Rhythm has an attractive retro modern style and reminds me a great deal of the 1970s. When I think of graphic designs from that era, it involves a simple design that is symetrical and repeated many times over. That is absolutely this wrap. The lines are kept clean and the modern interpretation brings a design that isn't fussy. This also allows the saturated colour to shine through. Retro style does not shy away from being bold and rhythm does not either. I particularly enjoyed wearing it so that the lighter side was out.  I liked the way the concentric droplet design was showcased and the way the bold purple shone through. It also allowed me to feel the texture of the wrap on the design lines.

This is a densely woven wrap and I would call it a light medium-weight wrap. The dense weave makes wrapping fairly straightforward but textural intrigue is added by the design itself. You can see in the banner photo at the top of this post that on the saturated purple side, the design is recessed. (You can click on the photo to enlarge it.) On the opposite side, the design protrudes. I actually found it really great for a personal sensory experience. I loved tracing my fingers along the protruding design, like following the stitching on a hem or something similar. This texture affected the wrapping only slightly. I didn't find the wrap especially difficult to pull, but I would not characterise this wrap as slippy or as having a lot of glide. Tightening a Front Wrap Cross Carry took a bit of shoulder wiggling but that also meant that once you tied off, the carry was pretty rock solid. That's a great thing when you are wrapping a large baby or toddler, or when you're going out and you know it'll be a pain to have to retighten on the go. 

Overall, I appreciated the bold design of this wrap with its dense weave and nuanced texture. It was an easy care cotton and seemed like it would be a good choice for wrappers who don't want a fussy wrap that will require readjusting. I'm intrigued to see how they continue to do modern interpretations of vintage designs (or to see what other direction they go in if they so choose). 

TwoSparrows Back.jpg

How can you get your own Rhythm wrap from Two Sparrows Wovens?

Two Sparrows Wovens announced via their Facebook page that they will be releasing Rhythm Steel the first week of February so you should have a chance to get one for yourself very soon! Keep an eye on their Facebook page and join their chatter group on Facebook to stay up to date!

I took a great sequence of photos only to realise that I mispelled "handwoven" and forgot the 'd'. The worst part is that that word was completely unnecessary since their name is now Two Sparrows Wovens.

I took a great sequence of photos only to realise that I mispelled "handwoven" and forgot the 'd'. The worst part is that that word was completely unnecessary since their name is now Two Sparrows Wovens.

I was not paid or compensated in any way to host this wrap or write a review for Two Sparrows Wovens Rhythm.

Brittney Pederson is a babywearing educator in Edmonton, Alberta. She does individual and group consults to help others learn how to use baby carriers, helps to develop baby carrier-friendly workouts, and plans the Canadian Babywearing Summit.