December Business Profile

I don't know if you're like me but the more I shop for others, the more I think of things that I might like for myself... and the more I feel the restrictions my wallet has. Well, Mum-a-Lee Creations profile and giveaway to the rescue! Amiellie recently added a beautiful baby to her family and after some deserving "time off" has returned to Mum-a-Lee making pretty and functional wrap scrap goodies. These bags/purses/key fobs, etc. are great for when you wear and also when your babywearing days begin to wind down (or end). 
Mum-a-Lee's Facebook Page

1. What is your business's name and when was it established?
The business is called Mum a Lee Creations. I started making things to sell around two years ago.

2. Where are you located/based? Do you have business hours?
I am based out of my home in Edmonton, AB. I don't have a store front so business is open when the internet is :)  My customers come to me through Facebook and word of mouth.

3. How much staff work for your business?
It's just me in the sewing room and behind the computer screen.
Sometimes my partner will take the kids out of the house on the weekends to give me some extra time to sew if I've got a rush job or an approaching deadline so I guess you could say he's part-time staff :)

4. Do you babywear? If you did/do, how did you start?
I do babywear!  I learned about babywearing when I was pregnant with my first. My first carriers were a homemade stretchy wrap and a homemade mei tai. That first stretchy wrap made its way back into my fabric stash and the mei tai is kept in the car and still gets used here and there. I got my first woven when my first baby was a couple months old and then I got another in a different size and then the madness started and I wanted all the wraps!  I got a handwoven ring sling about a year into the babywearing and I have my first handwoven wrap on the way, and I'm looking forward to it! I just had another baby so I'm getting a lot of babywearing in these days.  

5. What do you love about the babywearing community?
When I became a mother my social world changed. Not being in an office setting anymore and around the adults I came to be familiar with, I found myself out and about during the day time hours and making new friends, other moms mostly. When I see another babywearer or am spotted by one, there's a knowing look that passes between us and usually some friendly words are exchanged. Babywearing had become my inclusion into a sub-group within the group "parents" and I think that's pretty cool.

6. What prompted you to start a babywearing business?
I started out sewing diapers; I made my entire stash and was not half bad. That got a little boring after a while though and I wanted to branch out. By that time I was immersed in the world of woven wraps and I was dabbling in bag making; it seemed like a logical pairing for me, using wrap fabric to make bags. 

7. What were the very first babywearing products that you ever stocked/created?
Before I started cutting up full wraps I had been building up a small stash of scraps from different wraps. The first items I made out of wrap scraps were small coin purses and clutches. I still love to make these smaller items.

8. What is your latest babywearing-related obsession?
I'm obsessed with making bags, all sorts of bags. I like learning new skills and with all the custom bags I've made already I've definitely had to learn some new things.  When I'm not working on a custom for someone, I'm trying to come up with new details to incorporate into my bags. Lately I've been combining different scraps to get unique fabric panels for projects. 

9. What advice would you give to a new babywearer?
My advice is to not give up if it seems hard at first. Learning how to use a carrier, any type, is a skill to be developed. It may not come naturally at first but once you have it, it's the best. I love when babies get a little older and their world starts to expand past mom, being up on the same level as mom is so fun for them!

10. I am a bit of a reality TV junkie so just for fun, if you could be on a reality show, which of these would you choose? (Survivor, Big Brother, The Real Housewives, The Amazing Race, Project Runway Naked and Afraid)
The Amazing Race 
(Though Amiellie actually chose Big Break because she's a golfer... so apparently it's a golf show. ;-) )