What can you expect from me?

What kind of things can you expect from Portage?

Well, online, you can expect daily updates on Facebook (Portage Babywearing) and regular postings on Twitter (@PortageYEG) and Instagram (@Portage_YEG). I also have a YouTube channel that I update monthly and use to create videos about simple and applicable tips for everyday babywearing (Portage Babywearing). I strive to be aware of all babywearing resources in the Edmonton area (retailers, groups, activities), as well as related issues such as breastfeeding support. I will always have business cards on hand for select resources.

When you use my services, we begin by booking a session. Once that is done, I will send you a brief intake form to be filled out before your booking. At the session, we will have a conversation about any issues you identified in the intake form and assess your needs in a more in-depth manner. If you are doing a back carrying session, we will assess your front carrying skills as well. Then, we will move on to a demonstration and practice. At the end of the session, we will go over any lingering issues or questions you might have. After the session is complete, I will send you a feedback form to ensure that everything is still on track and that you were happy with the services provided. My help is ongoing. If you need advice on a new carrier, are looking to find babywearing ressources in your area, would like to book another session, or just need to be reminded of some of the advice that we went over, you are always welcome to contact me.

I hope this gives you a solid picture of what Portage Babywearing Services can offer you. As always, I welcome any questions you might have.