October Business Profile & Giveaway



This store has quickly become an institution in Edmonton. They have built an excellent reputation in a very short period of time and carry awesome products with well-trained staff. I'm so happy to help you become more familiar with: Two Mothers!

1. What is your business's name and when was it established?

Two Mothers - diapers, slings & baby things.  The doors of the store officially opened December 16, 2013!

2. Where are you located/based? Do you have business hours?

The store address is at 9553- 76 Ave in Edmonton.  We are open Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 10-5.  Thurs. 10-7 and Saturday 11-5. (Closed Sunday and Monday)

3. How much staff work for your business?

I currently have 5 staff working, plus myself, which gives a total of 6.  Unfortunately we are losing a member of our team, Joanna Johnson, who is moving back to Australia in a few weeks.

4. Do you babywear? If you did/do, how did you start?

Sadly my babywearing days are nearly over.  My two year old, is no longer to keen on being worn.  I do still get to do lots of wearing at the store.  I just love to snuggle the beautiful babies that come into the store!

I got my start in babywearing with an old Snugli that actually broke the first time my husband tried to use it.  I was lucky enough to find Birth Source, which carried Babyhawk Mei Tais.  Tracey was unbelievably helpful and friendly I was instantly hooked. 

5. What do you love about the babywearing community?

The babywearing community is very supportive of one another and willing to share their expertise with others.

 6. What prompted you to start a babywearing business?

When my second baby was born I knew I was going to wear her from day one.  She loved to be worn and it was such a life saving tool when dealing with 2 children.  It was around this time that I also started working at Birth Source.  I had the opportunity to try many different carriers, as well as teach babywearing classes at the store.  Babywearing became my passion.  Once baby 3 came, my stash had grown substantially from the first baby and I still enjoy trying different types of carriers.  Babywearing helps to create such a special bond between the baby and the wearer.  It allows the caregiver to move around freely, have hands free and be able to kiss and snuggle the baby.  I opened the business so that I can pass on the love of babywearing to other parents.  

7. What were the very first babywearing products that you ever stocked/created?

When the store opened, we didn't have a very large selection of carriers.  We started out with locally made Cosy Baby Happy Mommy, Moa Po, Boba, Manduca, Chimparoo and BBslen.  

8. What is your latest babywearing-related obsession?

I don't know if I really have an obsession right now.  I enjoy seeing all of the pretty colors and patterns that so many manufacturers are coming out with.

9. What advice would you give to a new babywearer?

Try before you buy.  Just because your friend has a certain carrier and loves it, doesn't mean you will love it.  Choose a carrier based on comfort, not on the brand name or the pattern.  If it isn't comfortable, you won't wear it.

10. I am a bit of a reality TV junkie so just for fun, if you could be on a reality show, which of these would you choose? (Choices omitted for brevity's sake.)

The Amazing Race

Along with this wonderful profile, you have the chance to win a Kangaroo care necklace from Two Mothers! 

TO WIN, go to www.facebook.com/portagebabywearing and:

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- Comment on the profile post with 2 (or 3!) of your favourite colours!

The draw will close this Sunday, October 19th, at noon and the winner will be announced that day. Good luck!