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So at this point, if you're thinking the same thing as me, you're saying to yourself "I had no idea." We often talk about clingy children or babies who seem hungry all the time or that carrying your child or not is simply a choice the adult can make and the child will adapt accordingly. The reality is that evolution does not happen that quickly in humans.

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Dahlia Wrap La classique

Want to know what music to listen to while you read this? Definitely Coeur de Pirate. She's an amazing Quebec artist with beautiful music. My personal fave is "Comme des enfants"

Things that I love:
1. Being Canadian;
2. Being Francophone;
3. Being a Babywearer.

Dahlia Wrap taps into all three of those things. A new company out of Quebec, Canada, Dahlia Wrap seems to centre its style of babywearing on graphic and adaptable designs. For their first collection, they have released three designs: Jardin (Jardin fou, Jardin de nuit and Jardin de glace), Première, and Classique. I got to take Classique for a spin on its recent tour around Canada and was so excited that this new Canadian company had the quality behind its wraps that told me they would appeal to a wide audience of babywearers.

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Although the company is emerging, Classique had a quality that made me feel like they were an old-hand in the business of wraps. They only have four wraps so far but to me, their collection is adatable. What I mean by that is you could easily dress this up for a wedding or celebration when you're wearing an outfit you've had to iron (gasp!), or bring it along to a favourite summer festival when you're in your favourite jeans and converse. The colours for all the wraps are fresh and appealing to me because I don't think they'd clash with my achromatic wardrobe or the few colours I do wear. (Sadly, I have no photos of Classique as they seem to have been deleted from my drive but mercifully, not all its photos were deleted.) It's woven with an incredibly soft and smooth cotton that easily lends itself to new babywearers especially. I had no problem pulling passes across my two and a half year old's back and getting it snug across my chest. I love doing the simple ruck carry - which worked well in this wrap - but this wrap shines in a double hammock carry. It does quite well with chest passes and multipass carries because it glides so well, so if those are the carries you're hoping to do especially, this wrap is a good choice.

Since we are heading into the warmer months of the year, one major consideration people have with wraps is how warm they might become from wearing it. All of Dahlia Wrap's products have a similar g/m2, which is what tells you how heavy the wrap is. Classique sits around 260 g/m2, which means it is about a medium or medium-light wrap. That said, the white threads and weave in the cotton felt cool to the touch to me, so I think this would be a nice wrap to use in warm weather - especially with the white side pointed out so the sun bounces off it. Again, I think this wrap was made for summer weddings and outdoor celebrations, formal or otherwise. 

La Classique is now sold out on the Dahlia website, but you can probably still snag one through their chatter group on Facebook, Dahlia en amour (si vous parlez français ) or Dahlia Wrap Lovers. There are also pre-orders available on their website, which look pretty awesome. This company is only growing in popularity with their romantic and modern aesthetic, their affordable luxury and their proud Québécoise foundation. I highly encourage you to check them out now. You will get to watch their company evolve and snag a nice wrap before they're too hard to get. I don't know what their plans are for the future (if they will do limited runs or increase according to demand) but for now, the demand is already out-pacing the supply, which is a really great thing to see from a Canadian company.

I Learned From YouTube and So Should You

I Learned From YouTube and So Should You

I first learned how to use a woven wrap from YouTube. I send YouTube videos as part of my follow-ups with clients and I love posting some of my favourite videos on Facebook when people have questions. YouTube can be a great tool for instruction. Why then would I equally believe that it can destroy the joy of babywearing in someone who is trying to learn?? Because I recognise that people have different learning styles and that there are more benefits to working with that person's style than fighting it. 

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