Christina's Bravery
Advanced Wrapping


The babywearing community is diverse and full of inspirational people. One day, while I had a few spare moments, I got into a conversation with a group of international moms. The conversation was light and humorous but it sparked great friendships. At the root of all these connections, is my friend Christina's company, which she began out of her love for babywearing and which has brought her deep friendships. Such a venture requires a healthy amount of bravery and skill, but it rewards not only yourself but those around you, and brings you to a deeper understanding of the love that babywearing fosters.

In this private, in-home consult, we will work on advanced techniques in babywearing using a woven wrap. This session is the most versatile and customizable of all the private sessions and can include short wraps, torso carries, special finishes on certain carries and the list goes on. A discussion of your goals will happen before the session to determine which carries will be covered.

I will come to your home with my supply of baby carriers (listed in the Teaching Library section) but when possible, we will use a wrap (or the wraps) that you own. Due to the advanced nature of this session, a proficient level of technique will be checked to ensure that advancement is appropriate.


Carrier Types
Woven Wrap (sizes 2-7)
Sling Rings

60-120 minutes


Day time: Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday