Portage Babywearing Services is run by Brittney Pederson and was born out of a sincere passion for helping other caregivers. With the goal of helping caregivers respond to the needs of children while still being able to respond to their own needs, Portage offers group workshops multiple times a month as well as private sessions.

My Story

Brittney's babywearing journey began when her daughter (b. April 2013) was a few weeks old. She was a typical baby: she wanted to be held by someone all the time. After a fair amount of back pain and a desire to see both hands freed simultaneously, she finally picked up the carrier she had bought while pregnant. Her friend Lauren came over and showed her how to use it and she began to wear her daughter. The immediate sense of relief and freedom sparked her love of babywearing. What was once seen as an occasional alternative to her stroller became an irreplaceable tool for her. Dinner, errands, walks, exercise and so much more have been accomplished thanks to babywearing!  

Portage Babywearing is "feeding friendly". Brittney is an experienced breastfeeder and strongly believes in mother-to-mother support. She currently volunteers as a leader for La Leche League Canada. She believes that the best decisions are made when they are informed and supported. No parent should be shamed for the way they feed their baby and whether at the breast, with a bottle, through a tube, purΓ©ed, or otherwise, feeding is always welcome. 

Brittney works at the store Two Mothers in Edmonton, which specialises in "Diapers, Slings and Baby Things". There, she helps people to select and fit carriers, become more informed on cloth diapering and receive general support. She holds a francophone arts degree. She worked for non-profit organizations before ending full-time work for maternity leave and subsequently choosing to have her professional focus be on babywearing. She often partners with other local businesses including Two Mothers, Xtend Barre Edmonton, and Bounce Back Physiotherapy